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Wagner - division of metal sheets


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Wagner - division of metal sheets

WAGNER-R company, division of metal sheets was founded in January 1990 and worked as building maintenance, gradually shifting its focus to the commercial activity. In 1996 leased the warehouse and started to deal with metallurgical material, it was mainly selling of cold rolled, hot rolled and galvanized metal sheets.
In 1998 the company has extended its offer with the services of the longitudinal and combined cutting of metal sheet on own dividing line. In 2005 was established WAGNER SERVICECENTRUM s.r.o., which is subcompany to the main company. In May 2006 the company purchased the plant for the production of steel frames of all types, who had a 20-year tradition.
In 2007 purchased another dividing line for transverse cutting and later roll forming lines. In recent years the company purchased the line for the production of welded meshes of reinforcing steel and for the production and cutting of cold-rolled ribbed steel.
The company carries out all activities in its three campuses at 10 000m2.
Since 2004 the WAGNER company operates and produces in a system of quality management ISO 9001: 2000.
For their clients and customers, the company ensures the removal of the material by own trucks to the domestic market and abroad.
During the previous operation the WAGNER company acquired and defended stable place on the market and constantly extends.